A better web takes dedication, smart collaboration, and informed execution. Correctly applied, your web and mobile applications can connect and evolve. Take a look at our work down below, read more about us, or just get in touch.

Our Work

The best way to get to know us is to take a look at the work we’ve deployed worldwide.

Over 1 Million Cups of Coffee Donated to Troops In Harms Way

Green Beans Coffee charged Pixelengine with creating Cup of Joe for a Joe, a unique donation engine that allows any grateful citizen to hop online and buy a cup of coffee (or several) for troops overseas. The coffee donation is often picked up by the Troops the next day, along with a personal “Thank You” note for their service. The troops can, and do, write back thanking the gifter for their kind donation. 500k facebook fans and over a million cups of coffee donated later and the program continues to thrive along five ecommerce projects that deliver coffee, tea, mugs, coffee cards, and donation subscriptions from grateful citizens stateside every day.

We Blew Up Sony’s Big Glossy Catalog

Sony sales reps can drop their 1-inch thick glossy camera and videocamera catalog and offer a dynamic, real-time interactive catalog in it’s place, with customized versions for phone, tablet, and desktop available on the web and the Google Play application store. Each retail location can generate a custom virtual catalog that only lists accessories compatible with the cameras and videocameras they sell, reducing unnecessary product returns and increasing profitability for both Sony and the thousands of retail locations across the U.S. that sell Sony products.


Tonix Team Uniforms Made To Order

Customizing uniforms for sports teams is a complicated business to manage. Players come in all shapes and sizes, and providing an order flow that provides a usable experience with minimum friction and grace is a real challenge. To help ease the flow for Tonix customers, pixelengine built a one-step, multi-grid order entry system that keeps everything in one place and intuitive. This was all part of a user-experience effort that included the entire purchase process, from browsing the shirts and sports outerwear, logos, and symbols to creating custom catalogs. With increased customer self-service, Tonix can now manage costs much more efficiently, and improve their bottom line in the process.

About Us

Work With Us

We’ve been designing and building web applications, sites, and mobile projects as a team since 2006, with individual involvement and experience going back to 1996. Our clients include Fortune 500 Companies, startups, and a variety of small-to-medium sized businesses across the US and abroad. We join large projects or execute initiatives for big companies, and conceive and execute the big-picture strategy for small-to-medium sized companies and startups. Regardless of your size, we leverage our experience and a collaborative process to design and build things online that work.

Focus Your Online Objectives

We believe in breaking projects down to manageable smaller projects. If you haven’t worked with us before, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your project needs and design a small starter project. This gets us acquainted, minimizes your project risk, and provides you with useful insight that can improve your overall strategy and inform all of your online strategies and vendor relationships. No further committment necessary. Take a look at some of our usual starter projects to the right, or read more about us for some additional ideas to consider.

Projects to Get Started…

  • Provide insight and strategy to your proposed web or mobile project
  • Analyze your current site and propose your next version
  • Analyze your competitors and provide you with an actionable strategy to surge forward and gain more customers.
  • Diagnose and fix your site’s current SEO

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  • Google ♥ HTTPS

    December 12, 2014
    Google broke big news in early August announcing they are actively promoting “HTTPS Everywhere” by boosting your search ranking if you implemented it on your site. Time to think about it.
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  • Veterans Day

    November 11, 2014
    We feel compelled to say thanks on Veterans Day and provide you with a few ways to donate. Of course you can always buy a Cup of Joe for a Joe for $2 or more. Here are some other ways to show thanks.
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